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Survive, Strive, Thrive


Collectively, Africa is like a young adult, in search of identity and purpose. Traditionally she would have sat around a proverbial fireplace to listen to music and stories reminding her who she is, where she’d come from, and the pillars that have helped Her stand up to this point in history.

Historically, we got our identity from our extended families as we learned about our lineages, heroes, and the challenges and triumphs that formed our people. We would learn about the diligence, honour, courage, perseverance, forgiveness, unity, respect, community and morals, from the folktales and proverbs that we vociferously recited. There, around the fireplace we memorised timeless truths and received values that spoke to our sense of direction.

It is 2023…. Where do Africans go for inspiration? Who do our young people listen to for guidance or direction? Who do they trust? Government, economists, clergy, teachers, lawyers, politician?

The Information Age has brought into play mediums of information and knowledge, thanks to the unprecedented technological advancements and worldwide access to the internet.

Dar es salaam

14-15 September

TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, reality television, bloggers – the new world influencers – are informally and many times strategically shaping global norms. We are adopting these so-called “new norms” from the global public square which is mostly driven by Western ideas. The older generation is seen in many ways as “old school”, too conservative and unable to fully understand the new social dynamics. There is certainly a generational gap and vacuum of guidance on our great continent.

Consequently, our own cultures, ethics and societal norms are crumbling before our own eyes. In our rush to “fit in” and contemporise, we are losing our way. As we exchange our values for postmodernism, we risk becoming a valueless, morally decaying society. Hence the emerging crisis of identity for average African.

Africa is a young continent as 70% or more of the population is under the age of 35. With high levels of youth unemployment (figures), a limited stake of young men and women in the economy and society, we have a risk of building an aggrieved majority that is not anchored in our value system, with unprecedented consequences.

Laments thinker and philosopher Chinua Achebe “The Centre cannot hold”.

While we becry the challenges of digitalization, we need to embrace the opportunities presented by technology and digital platforms and leverage them to propagate and preserve Africa’s cultural heritage, instil a sense of identity and offer guidance that aligns with the continent’s unique historical context and values.

Our Response

The wise King Solomon wrote: “Without wise leadership, a nation falls; there is safety in having many advisors”.

To address the generational gap and vacuum of guidance, we propose a renaissance of thinking, a return to ageless wisdom. As we work towards a united, peaceful and prosperous continent, we must equip our young, fast-growing population with the wisdom to utilize the knowledge they have, to withstand adversity while advancing into significance and prosperity. It is time for us to amplify our own African voices above those from the West which is clearly undergoing a cataclysmic identity crisis of its own. We need to re-create the proverbial fireplace to write the next chapter of our own story as Africans.

Objectives and Expectations

The Wisdom Summit to craft an Afrocentric perspective to restore values, a clear identity and safe sense of direction for the next chapter of Africa’s story.

The summit will promote an intergenerational approach to creating and propagating a new value system and mindset that will move our continent to Her God-given destiny of Significance, in a globalized and digitalized era we live in today.


- To facilitate an intergenerational conversation
- To nurture a transformative mindset to enable young leaders to thrive in their spheres of influence
-To build a value-based leadership system anchored in African wisdom for the Africa we want

The Summit will be highly interactive and enjoyable, with art-driven engagement


The AWS is for leaders who want to shape the destiny of Africa and renew its story in today’s world:
- Young women and men
- Pan-African leaders
- Captains of industry
- Policy and social influencers

Summit Partnership

Host and Lead: Dr. Dennis Sempebwa, Sahara Wisdom Center
Dr. Dennis Sempebwa has coached high-impact leaders and influencers in 85 countries. For over four decades, he has helped thousands of people walk through insurmountable challenges to achieve extra-ordinary results in government, entertainment, ministry, academia, business and sports. In 2015, he founded the Sahara Wisdom Center, a U.S based multi-national corporation committed to being a voice of direction in an ever-shifting forest of lost-ness. Through conferences, seminars, workshops and videos, SWC aims to persuade this generation to drink from the fountain of ageless wisdom, and perhaps escape the plight of easy believe-ism and triteness that has befallen us.


Shift Your Perspective About Africa

The Wisdom Summit to craft an Afrocentric perspective to restore values, a clear identity and safe sense of direction for the next chapter of Africa’s story. Register

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